CPB Design Solutions, LLC, is here to assist businesses with their building information modeling needs to better compete in today's marketplace. Through outsourcing, businesses are free to attend to more pressing matters, like the design or construction process, without sacrificing quality of service to their clients by leaving the modeling or drafting to us. Outsourcing also helps with the bottom line by providing
additional resources when needed without the overhead costs associated
with hiring an employee. We can attend meetings during collaboration to
speed the construction process along and to ensure that conflicts are being
addressed correctly in the office instead of in the field and in a timely
manner. We do not outsource our services so you can be assured that in
contracting with us we are the ones doing the work.
   We can also take plans and as-builts to create models for operations and maintenance of existing facilities. We follow the National CAD Standards and National BIM Standards when working on drawings and models. 
    Contact us and see how we might be able to help you with your next project.


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