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BIM (Building Information Modeling) is more than just intelligent drawings, visualization tools, and production aids. BIM is an intelligent digital representation of data about a facility that can be used from the moment an idea is formulated throughout the life of the facility.

Utilizing BIM during the design phase allows the design team to save time and money by reducing duplication throughout a project. A modeler can put an element into the model in one view and it will appear in all other relevant views without having to be redrawn or remodeled.  The elements are Smart objects that have parameters linked to them which is automatically entered into schedules and take-offs without additional work by the modeler. A modeler can even change multiple instances of the same item throughout the model with a few clicks. Any design change made within the model automatically updates on any view that shows or pertains to that element including schedules and material take-offs. 

During construction, models from the different trades can be assembled into a composite model and an analysis known as clash detection can be run on the systems to see where possible conflicts arise between the systems. Each Trade Subcontractor Construction Modeler coordinates with the other trades to arrive at a suitable resolution to the clash. By conducting this analysis most of the clashes that would occur in the field are avoided saving time and money.


Our firm can do the tasks above and we can also take paper documents and/or CAD drawings of existing structures and convert them into models as references for space planning and renovations. Turn your As-Built documents into  As-Is documents that can be adjusted throughout the life of a facility to aid in operations and maintenance of the facility and its systems.

If you are a designer, contractor, operator, or owner, BIM is for you!  Contact us and see how we might be able to help you with your next project.

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